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FAQ’s About Horse Grooming Clippers

 Q. What is the best clipper to body shave my horse?
 A. We recommend the Super Cowboy clippers, which could be: 555, and the 553 both of these are cord/cordless.   For corded use we recommend the 571, or 573 Cowboy. Great for full body clipping, tough jobs, wooly coats, and these clipper have the largest wide & regular blade selection in the world.
Q. I only want to shave my horses face, ears, bridal paths, and  fetlocks, what full body clipper do you recommend?
 A. We recommend the Mini Micro Clipper: 721 Mini Micro or 821 Litening, these can also be used for full clips, these clippers also have the largest wide and regular blade selection available in the world to choose from.
Q. I only want to do a quick touch up on my horse, or I have a colt that’s not use to clipper noise or being groomed, what trimmer do you recommend?
 A.  We recommend the 305 Speed Feed trimmer, however you can also use our 721 Mini Micro or the Litening 821 full body clippers as the horse ages because these are great for  full body clipping also.
Q. I want an all around full body clipper that will do the job, but I Don’t want to spend a lot of money, what do you recommend?
 A. We recommend the 821 Roxstar clipper, this  clipper is a bit slower, but runs the same speeds as other brands of clippers.  The 821 Roxstar has the largest blade selection in the world to choose from.
Q. I need something to do a quick touch up around the ears, lips, and eyes, that won’t be noisy and I can carry in my pocket, what do you recommend?
 A. We recommend the 327 Hair pen trimmer. This little trimmer is cord/cordless, 4 oz and perfect to slip in your pocket, Also the 303 zipper and the 305 Speed Feed are great for touch ups.
Q. I want to bathe my horse, do you have anything I can blow the water off my horse? What shampoo do you have?
 A.  Yes, we have the perfect dryer, #90103 Magnum Force, great for cattle also.  For shampooing, we recommend our 100-1 Stampede shampoo. Great for fly bites, & body odor.  We have a perfect selection of shampoo for every need.  Ask for your free shampoo chart & information, or see it on line:
Q. I need to shave my cows utters, what do you recommend?
 A. We recommend the 325 Cross hairs trimmer.  This powerful little trimmer is designed for the diary industry and is cord/cordless. Ultra quiet only 5 oz. Perfect for the outdoors.  Dairy farmers absolutely love it and it can easily slip into their pocket.


Q. I groom full body clips horses and animals that are extra dirty & Matted, basically every day, what clippers are extra heavy duty and will hold up to that kind of  heavy duty clipping?
 A.  We recommend these heavy duty models: 555, 503, 571, 504 & the 505 and some of these are   cord/cordless and all have the largest wide and regular blade selection in the world.
Q.  What is the difference in between a clipper and a trimmer?
 A.  Clipper vs. Trimmer, the difference between a clipper and a trimmer is that a clipper is used for heavy-duty, all-over    body cutting. A trimmer, is designed for close-cutting in smaller areas, like trimming around the ears and eyes, the base of the tail, and other "finish" cutting.



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